Patients with and without health insurance can avail of treatment with Dr Boyle.

Patients with Health Insurance

Dr Boyle is a fully participating consultant with VHI, Laya, Aviva, ESB, Garda Medical Aid and Glo Health. Dr Boyle does not require prior approval to determine if the insurance company covers your oral surgery procedure.

If you have private health insurance and are suitable for treatment in the clinic then normally the surgical fee will be covered. Certain procedures are completely covered with many of the insurance companies. This can be confirmed on the day of your consultation appointment. Patients will be advised  of the relevant  insurance procedure codes when they attend for consultation. Patients can ring their insurance providers to confirm their level of cover. The medical insurance company will pay for a procedure as determined by the schedue of benefits of that insurance  company. All relevant insurance forms for claiming for treatment for are available in the clinic.

What is covered by health insurance?

  • Removal of impacted teeth (supernumeraries, odontomes etc)
  • Removal of impacted wisdom teeth
  • Removal of retained roots/surgical removal of teeth
  • Oral biopsies & associated histopathology reporting
  • Enucleation of dental cysts
  • Exposure of impacted teeth for orthodontic treatment
  • Dental implants in the lower jaw for those without teeth in the upper jaw. (This requires pre -approval)and is subject to certain conditions)

Patients must have health insurance for at least 6 months and the condition must not be a pre-exisitng condition.

What is not covered by health insurance?

  • Consultation & radiographs
  • Non-surgical dental treatment e.g. fillings, hygiene, crowns, bridges or dentures
  • Non-surgical extractions.
  • Extraction of teeth that are not impacted e.g. upper wisdom teeth that are not impacted
  • Dental Implants for people who have some teeth

If the insurance company declines to pay for the procedure for whatever reason then the patient is liable for the private treatment fee. These fees are usually tax deductable at 20%.

If surgery is required in Kingsbridge Private Hospital some insurance policies require the member to pay an excess. This will depend on the patient’s individual plan and level of cover. We would advise patients to ring their insurance providers with the relevant procedure codes and check this prior to confirming their appointment.

Details of Dr Boyle’s healthcare provider consultant codes are as follows:

  • VHI provider code: 10663
  • Laya provider code: 37941
  • Glohealth provider code: 1174651
  • Aviva provider code: 629837
  • Garda Medical Aid/MPF  provider code: 4712
  • ESB provider code: BOY10

Patients without health insurance.

Fees payable for surgical procedures with Dr Boyle will be outlined at the consultation appointment. All fees must be paid for on the day of treatment unless otherwise discussed. Payment can be made by cash, debit or credit card. Interest – free payment plans are available for high cost treatments such as implant treatment. Most surgical fees are tax deductible at 20%. The relevant forms can be provided to you at the clinic.